Crypto Casino – How to choose an honest one

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Analyzing Crypto Casino reviews

Just do not think that you need to read what is written on his own site. There you will find nothing but praise. The easiest way is to drive the name of the Crypto Casino into Google, and then add the words “scammers”, “do not pay”, “deception”. If something was found for such requests, then you should read everything very carefully. Perhaps this information is enough for you to make the right choice.

It does not hurt to simply search the Internet for reviews of the site, paying special attention to the description of the problems.

By the way, don’t end up on pirate sites. It will be a completely different company – and completely different consequences of the game.

Crypto Casino

Check the set and reliability of Crypto Casino games

Probably, the set of games should be checked at the very beginning. And only after finding out that the Crypto Casino offers your favorite game, such as poker, slots or roulette, does it make sense to study the rest.

If you like live games with live participants, we will additionally find out if this casino operator has them.

Carefully check the license

To choose Crypto Casino, it was necessary to do a not very interesting, but extremely necessary job. Only having a license means that the company has at least some obligation other than to take your money.

If the casino website says that the license was issued by such and such a gambling regulator, it does not hurt to go to the site of this regulator and check the information or even make a request indicating a specific site.

Who would argue: most people are too lazy to waste time. But then they often regret it.

In fact, the authority that issued the license to “your” casino is the authority where you will apply if something happens. Therefore, it is highly desirable that this body be easily contacted without the need to call the Cairo landline and ask questions in Arabic.

The most reliable regulators are Britain, Malta, Fr. Maine. So get ready to communicate in English.

Study all the terms of cooperation

And again: although licensed casinos are required to prescribe all the principles of their work, they are in no hurry to place this information on the home page of the site. It usually shows a beautiful girl holding out a bundle of bills to you. But the legal information is in the section for the most meticulous and is often written in small print.

Why you should read it? Well, at least in order to find out in advance that:

 * The casino administration has the right to block your account at any time without giving any reason or “on suspicion of fraud.” For example, if you’ve won twice in a row, that’s enough.

 * The amount of funds for withdrawal cannot exceed the amount of the deposit. That is, if you entered 0.0021 BTC and won 0.01889 BTC, you still cannot withdraw more than a hundred.

 * Your country is not included in the list of countries where this casino operates.

The last point is especially hilarious. It would seem that if a casino does not work in your country, it should not let you play at all. But in practice, it’s usually different: you can play. However, if you start talking about paying out the winnings, then the casino will “remember” that it does not work for your country. So – sorry.

If you have read one of the points above, you should not play in any case. Additionally, it is also worth studying the information about the accrual of bonuses and about how they become yours. Very often, in order to “appropriate” the bonus 0.0021 BTC, you need to enter up to 10 thousand, or even play for the entire amount.

By the way, many casinos offer very tempting bonuses just to distract attention from everything else. Therefore, bonuses are the least important item.

Learn about depositing and withdrawing funds

This is the most serious part. Here you need to find out:

 * Methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. Do they match. How well they suit you.

 * Attention: commissions for deposits and withdrawals, as well as for conversions.

 * Very carefully: the minimum withdrawal amount. Timing.

By placing a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.20992 BTC, the Crypto Casino will in fact be able not to pay almost anyone and never. And if the terms exceed 2-3 days, this is also a wake-up call.

Some casinos also set limits. For example, you can withdraw no more than 0.04198 BTC per day, and no more than 0.20992 BTC per week. These are more or less normal limits. But if we are talking about 0.0021 BTC per day, it means that you will be waiting for big winnings for months.

The disproportionately large value of the minimum withdrawal amount and too small limits should be alarming, since they clearly indicate that the company is not eager to pay anything.

Clarify the issue with verification

Usually, none of the players like the stage when they need to send identity documents. And completely in vain. After all, if the account is opened on James Adamson, date of birth 01/10/1990, with indication of place of residence and passport data, then this is much more reliable than if you just write “Peter”. In this case, the casino will then be able to say that it was actually another Peter who won, not you. Or report to your supervisor that you haven’t even registered.

This is why the player should be all hands on registration and verification. And do not even be lazy to make screenshots of your personal account yourself – just in case.

With this everything is clear. But what is Crypto Casino game credibility?

To put it very simply, nothing prevents you from building a slot machine that will always write to everyone: “You have lost”. If you bet on black 50 times, red will fall out 50 times. And vice versa.

It is even worse when a casino employee or a robot will specifically monitor your game and press buttons when to win and when to lose.

In order to prevent such “cheating machines”, licensed casinos are required to cooperate with manufacturers of certified software, where the random number generator is honestly configured and there is a fixed percentage of return. Most often, the casino is a partner of such a manufacturer, which is also advisable to read about on the websites of both companies.

In fact, an honest casino does not even work with you directly during the game, but directs you to an independent gaming software server. This is a good confirmation that you, in theory at least, have the opportunity to win.

Make sure of the convenience of the site

If the site is colorful, convenient and understandable, adequately translated into your language, then this is a big plus. This means that he is truly trustworthy.

Most good casinos, apart from playing for money, will offer you to play as much as you want without bets, for virtual currency. This will allow for a start to figure out how to play this game in general, and also to see how often the system gives winnings.

But when you all the time win in the demo version, it is very bad, since there is a cunning operator who is trying with all his might to lure you into the real game. However, the reverse situation is also no better.

Testing support

Asking the question “how to choose Crypto casino”, it will be very correct if you contact support and ask all the questions before you start playing. When you analyze the site for the listed items, then you will surely have questions, and a lot.

And at the same time you check:

 * Is there any support at all.

 * How quickly she answers.

 * In what format and in what language.

 * How do you understand her answers.

 * Do they really help to deal with difficulties.

If the support service does not get in touch for more than a day or to the question: “Who issued your license?” vaguely answers: “We adhere to all the rules of responsible gambling”, this is a powerful argument in favor of abandoning the services of this casino and looking for another.

After all, if you cannot get intelligible answers even to preliminary questions, then what will happen then when you want to find out where your money is?

Experience shows that if you play the first available Crypto casino, you will need to win twice to get money:

 * Guess which card to bet on.

 * Predict which casino will pay you your winnings.

There is hardly anything that will help you with the first problem. But if you study the Crypto casino in detail before starting the game, you can be sure about the second one.

This means that you need much less luck.